FaceCall Puts a Face to Contacts on iPhone's Home Screen

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Developer: Wuonm Web Services SL
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facecall iphone appFaceCall, a new photo-based dialer for iPhone, is a neat enough concept. The app adds direct-dial photo icons to your home screen. And, unlike the scores of one-tap dialers in the past, FaceCall will add as many speed dial icons as you want.

The dialing  scheme works and while some might find it convenient, if your goal is to save time the app falls short for price.

The purpose of FaceCall is to create photo icons on your home menu for one touch dialing (or emailing). I can see the benefit of having a photo icon stored amongst the apps on your iPhone home screen for frequently called or emailed people, especially if your contacts list and favorites is inundated with names.

Setting up and using FaceCall is simple. Once installed, you simply open the app, select a name from your contacts, choose either a phone number or email address, and then assign a photo. You can use one already assigned or take a new one.

FaceCall does not give you the option of selecting multiple numbers or a number and an email, so it is rather imperative that your photo contact only have one preferred method of contact. This isn't a problem if your friends are always attached to a single phone, but if you find yourself dialing home, cell, work to hunt down your contacts, then FaceCall isn't going to help solve your problem.

Regardless of how easy it is to create a photo contact icon on your home screen with FaceCall, there is one major draw back to its success. It is rather slow at accessing the contact once you tap the icon. There is a considerable delay in pulling up the number and another delay to initiate the call. In most cases, I would say it is faster to find the name and number through other means – whether through your contact list, your favorites, or speed dial.

For the $2.99 price, FaceCall falls a bit short of value. There are certainly people who could find it useful, especially for very frequently called numbers. However, because it ultimately has to access the information over the web via the created link before providing the information and initiating the call, it really it is faster to find and select a number from your contacts.

FaceCall starts off with a cool idea to put photo icons of your favorite people on your home screen, and it works pretty much as described. But with a $3 price tag, you'll have to decide if it's a feature that's worth paying for.

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  • http://twitter.com/mikepfs/status/5901511136 mikepfs

    FaceCall Puts a Face to Contacts on iPhone’s Home Screen - http://tinyurl.com/ybctmgh

  • Lucre C.

    I had the same feeling about facecall speed, but after a second thought and a few days using it I love to see the photos of my kids (well, and husband) in the iphone home screen.
    And not that expensive if you create 3 icon it's just $1 each. Much less if you create more (you can create as many as you want)

  • donna

    One Tap Dial has been around forever--does the same thing for $0.99

  • Lucre C.

    Yep, windows has been around forever but I own a mac :D
    I have installed like 4 apps that can do photo icons, including CallMe from Cidia, but this one is my favorite.