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FaceDouble Celebrity Look alike
Developer: TeamSOA, Inc.
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facedouble celebrity look alike plus iphoneIf you have ever wondered what celebrity you or your friends may look like, FaceDouble Celebrity Look alike by FaceDouble Inc. lets you find out right from your iPhone or iPod touch.

When you open FaceDouble Celebrity Look alike it prompts you to either take a photo or to choose one from your library. Once you have a photo you want to use, FaceDouble Celebrity Look alike will first ask you if it is a Boy or a Girl and then it will connect to its website and come up with a number of different possible celebrity matches that you can choose from. Once you have chosen the one that you feel is the best match, you can opt to upload it onto the website where it can be voted on by other FaceDouble Celebrity Look alike users. Also, when you choose to send a photo out it will automatically be saved in a section called My Facedoubles section, available in the bottom menu, so that you can show your best matches to friends later.

The FaceDouble Celebrity Look alike app also lets you cast your vote for the best matches in the FaceDouble online user community right from your iPhone or iPod touch by selecting the Vote section from the bottom menu bar. In this section you will see various combinations of people matched with celebrities and you get to rate them 1-10 based on how closely matched you think they are. The photos with the most points based on the voting from the website and app users are then placed in the Best of section, also available on the bottom menu bar.

Since each match is computer generated, it is important to take some things into consideration when taking or choosing a photo. For example, you should try to take the photo head-on so the person is facing the camera. Also, be sure to take off any sunglasses as the computer needs to be able to see your eyes in order to generate a match.

On the whole, FaceDouble Celebrity Look alike is pretty straightforward so if you are into the idea of matching people with celebrities this is will be a pretty fun app for you. If nothing else it certainly takes care of those times when you just can't pinpoint why someone looks so familiar, now you can just take a quick photo and find out if they have a celebrity double.

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  • Jocelyn Jones

    This application is so cool! I like it so much i am having fun uploading my photo and see who's celebrity is my look a like. :)