Fake Calls is an Entertaining, if Obvious Fake Call Generator

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Fake Calls
Developer: Sebastian Trujillo
Price: $0.99 Download on the App Store

Magic Tap may have tapped into the “hybrid” application market. It’s Fake Calls application is definitely the kind of application that could be considered by some a utility and it’s definitely pretty entertaining.

It’s simple to set up. Start Fake Calls and it asks you to choose a wall paper or an existing photo. The application will then use the photo for your fake caller. Almost everything in Fake Calls is fully customizable. You can head back into your iPhone settings and set the time of the call, change the name of the caller and change the wall paper.

While Fake Calls definitely has its plusses there seems to be an equal number of minuses.

First, for an application that is supposed to inconspicuously make your phone get a fake call Fake Calls has a pretty conspicuous icon. Second, if your aim is to fool someone including your friends it’s missing the ability to have a list of different callers to choose from. Users currently have to go in and change the name and wall paper each time. It also has just one ringtone. Disappointingly, you can’t import or customize Fake Calls to use a different one each time. It might also be nice to enter a fake number somewhere in the application too. Finally, the application could definitely move up on the authenticity meter if it had a prerecorded conversation on the other end. Nothing says authentic like a dramatic voice heard from across the table.

We were also a little disappointed that we just couldn’t seem to get the application to auto-ring as the customizable settings indicated. Currently, Fake Calls sells for 99 cents in the App Store which could be a bargain or not depending on how useful it becomes for you.

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  • DexMex77892

    Why would anyone want to fake calls?

  • MaxxineStamos

    Hah dats a funny idea. I can make mah bf jealous or the opposite. Its free?