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Family Guy
Developer: Fox Mobile Entertainment, Inc.
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family-guy-iPhoneFamily Guy will delight fans of the snarky television series with a steady flow of clips from the show and a few games. It will serve as a nice highlight reel for those who want a quick fix of  Stewie's antics.

The clips are organized into four categories, which are continually refreshed. Among recent examples are: New Today, Brian's World, Life of Lois, Evening News, and Farting Fun (you had to know this last one was coming). Each of the clips end with the option of purchasing the entire episode through iTunes. There are also some mixes thrown in that have a compilation of other clips, though you may find that some of the earlier videos will repeat.

If you are feeling creative, there is a video mixer for blending together some of the Family Guy videos. Maybe you want a compilation of Stewie vomiting; or blend together a mix of Peter being Peter.

There are a couple of other games included. In one, you can mix and match Stewie's outfit, which can be turned into a wallpaper for your iPhone. In another game Peter will appear either sitting on a toilet or some other awkward position and you flick him around the screen with your finger.

Family Guy allows for sharing the video clips, but it's not really functional because the person who receives the video only get a link to purchase the app (described in the e-mail as "freakin' sweet) in order to view it.

If you are a dedicated fan of Family Guy, it may be worth a download to have ongoing access to some of the better moments from the animated series. If you are a more casual fan, or not one at all, then probably better to pass - although Stewie will surely have something to say about it.

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