FanFeedr Gets Social with Sports Coverage

This app is not currently available in the App Store.

fanfeedr-ipadFanFeedr attempts to give a Twitter-like information stream of sports scores and news articles to make your fan experience more social.

FanFeedr ditches the standard formula of just displaying scores and sports news. Instead the user is invited to make comments, share articles with friends, and contribute to trending interesting articles. FanFeedr is free for both iPhone and iPad.

Unfortunately the iPad version uses an interface that is not sufficiently tweaked for the device. It is essentially the iPhone version reformatted to fit the larger screen. This creates too many long bars of dead space. The color choice of a black background with white text also makes reading a bit hard on the eyes.

Using the FanFeedr social features requires logging in via Facebook Connect. The upside is that this means no additional login or password to remember. However, given the growing privacy concerns about Facebook be sure this is one more trace to add to your social net.

FanFeedr features a series of the top sports news for the day as well as scores. These can be tweaked for your location or given in one long feed of seemingly limitless sports news. Tapping on a headline takes the user to the story but keeps you inside the app.  Then there is an option to leave a comment or give the story a thumbs-up to up its social appeal.

Browsing scores was a bit awkward on the iPad version of FanFeedr given that there was just a long, vertical list without any additional use of the iPad's large screen. Other sports sites and apps make better use of the screen real estate and provide other statistical information. Tapping on a score brought up either a news story or some stats — both with pitifully small font.

For each story you have the option of making a comment on a story or sharing it with fellow Facebook users. If someone develops a network with other FanFeedr users it could be a more fun way to experience sports scores and news.  With a cleaner interface and a wider user base FanFeedr has the potential to be a great way to interact with other sports fans.

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This app is not currently available in the App Store.

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