Fantastic Contraption: Build a Better Mousetrap (or Just About Anything Else)

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Fantastic Contraption™
Developer: inXile Entertainment
Price: $1.99 Download on the App Store

fantastic contraption iphoneinXile Entertainment's Fantastic Contraption is the online game reborn on the iPhone. It's based on the same principles as Pangea Software's popular Engimo, RealArcade's Tiki Towers and Hudson's Crayon Physcics Deluxe and other physics-based games that involve building Rube Goldberg-like machines that transport objects from point A to G to C and Z.

If you build it, wheels spin, gears turn, water flows and who know what else comes and goes.

Fantastic Contraption plays well — that is, the dev makes it easy for you to to assemble parts and the machines operate according to the laws of physics (not that I'm Issac Newton). One nice feature is that when you connect parts, you can zoom in and out and get a magnified view of what you're doing. That makes it much easier to connect the dots (and I do mean the dots on the wheels and other parts).

Fantastic Contraption has a built-in editor so you can build your own challenges and either play them or upload them to the company's Web site. While you're there, you can download contraptions others have built.

The game's graphics are a bit on the crude side compared to similar games of this type. In the plus column, Fantastic Contraption at an introductory price of $2.99, which is less than many others of this type, which are in the neighborhood of $4.99.

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  • Big BIll

    I just bought this game and absolutely love it. The reviewer didn't really get at the heart of the game which is that it rocks. Graphics are nothing but ornamentation for a game like this. It's almost identical to the desktop version, it offers endless hours of gameplay for beginners and experts and it's only $2.99 (for now). This is a perfect purchase for any iphone casual gamer with simple needs. I'd say this is a top ten for casual games and a top ten percent for the iphone overall.