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fast and the furious iphone appFast and Furious: Pink Slip - One of my most anticipated movies of the year is coming out next month, "Fast & Furious.” It’s the fourth entry in the high octane film series, but this particular release marks the return of all of the major actors from the first film. iPlay has recently released an iPhone game that piggybacks on the hype and anticipation of the new movie with their new game Fast and Furious: Pink Slip (FFPS). This street racer looks to capture the unique style and cool factor that are synonymous with the “Fast & Furious” brand.

FFPS is a high speed arcade racing title. Fast and Furious: Pink Slip has four racing types — Race (beat the field), Drift (win by style), Drag Race (point to point), Cop Chase (avoid police) — that are the venues for the game’s 32 cars and races. Progression is made by playing through the Arcade option that serves as this game’s campaign mode. Through successfully completing objectives in the various races, new races are unlocked. Though this a fairly standard convention in the racing genre, the twist to the formula is hinted at through the subtitle of this game.

Pink slips (i.e. ownership of the car) are wagered before all races (expect Cop Chases), and that is the main way to acquire new vehicles in this game. Picking the right car to bet against is essential as you’ll want to make sure you’re challenging a car that’s beatable. Winning adds a new car to your garage, while losing takes a car away. So you need to be careful with wagering your pink slips in Fast and Furious: Pink Slip.

Control is straightforward in FFPS. The accelerometer controls the steering while the acceleration is all done automatically. For the most part the control scheme holds up well in most of the race types, but they falter a lot in the Drift race mode. My main quibble with the controls in this mode is that the cars feel like they are driving on ice. It’s in this mode that the ability to manually accelerate and brake are greatly missed. I found myself steering out of control several times, and it effectively forces you to use the restart option to try the race again.

Overall, the racing feels good. As I started to acquire more powerful cars, the sense of speed became fulfilling. The later levels step the game up, making Fast and Furious: Pink Slips much more competitive. The standout racing mode is Cop Chase. I’m a huge fan of the Need for Speed franchise and it’s penchant for cop chases, so it’s good to see that type of gameplay replicated admirably here. Local WiFi multiplayer performs well as there wasn’t much latency interfering with games with my wife.

iPlay has done a great job with the presentation layers in FFPS. The menus look good while employing an easy user interface making it relatively fool proof. The 3D models cars and environments look very good and the frame rate is consistent most of the time. I’d be remiss not to touch on cool cinematic touches that give dynamic views of the action during gameplay. The high energy soundtrack and good car sounds round out FFPS’s great presentation.

iPlay's Fast and Furious: Pink Slip isn’t the very best arcade racer on the iPhone, but it has enough going for it deserves serious consideration from all arcade racing fans.

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  • Jado

    This is actually one of the few racing games i've played to completion. Controls do take some getting use to, but once you get the phsyics of the game it's actually very playable.

    I hate the fact that if you lose a race, you lose your car. So this means in order to get that car back you have to go back to the original race in which you won it from and win it again. Some of the races are really frustrating, that once you win the car, you will NOT want to use it to avoid having to come back and win it again.

    Overall, the game is worth checking out.