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Fast Five the Movie: Official Game
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fast and furious iphone gameNearly two months ago I reviewed a fun yet flawed racer in Fast and Furious: Pink Slip. It was a game that admirably represented it’s license with a solid racing experience packed with interesting gameplay modes. iPlay has recently taken another crack at the franchise with its new game dubbed, Fast and Furious The Game (FFTG). This time around, iPlay has created a game that more closely references the recent blockbuster movie while adding a variety of new modes and changes to justify the release of a new game with a higher price point.

In terms of the game’s presentation and gameplay layers, Fast and Furious The Game is mainly solid. The 3D cars and environments are detailed while running at a smooth clip. It’s very clear that this game leverages the engine found in Pink Slip, but there are some subtle changes for the better.

The accelerometer controls the steering and while I find it a bit sluggish, the controls get the job done. That being said, I can’t help but wish there were options to adjust sensitivity so I can recreate the perfect tilt controls found in Fastlane Street Racing. Unlike FFTG’s predecessor, I’m happy that manual braking was implemented as you couldn’t do that in the previous title. Of the new features in Fast and Furious The Game, there are two specific features that you’ll probably be the most interested in hearing about.

The first big headline feature is the game’s Story Mode. It’s here where you’ll play through a Fast and Furious campaign that has you going through a narrative that reprises the roles of characters played in the movie by Vin Diesel, Paul Walker, and Michelle Rodriguez among others. Most of the storytelling is presented by text overlays on top of static imagery, but it’s cool to have a context for the different races you’re going through. This is great because it provides iPlay flexibility to add more modes like Tunnel Race (i.e. Drag Racing with quick-time events sprinkled in) and Pursuit (wreck opposing vehicles) to drive the storytelling.

The other big headline feature is Fast & Furious The Game’s emphasis on online connectivity and gameplay. Besides leveraging the WIFI multiplayer also found in Fast and Furious: Pink Slip, iPlay has integrated the hot Cloudcell API that’s been getting a ton of attention lately. Cloudcell allows an easy to use interface to compete and compare gameplay experiences with strangers and friends alike. After registering through the game, you’ll be able to race and upload your performance/times to compete for placement on national leaderboards. If you link your Cloudcell and YouTube accounts together, you’ll also be able to upload video replays of your races for everyone to check out. To top it off, there’s weekly competitions that’s giving away extras like DVDs, Blu-Rays, and iTunes gift cards too.

Fast and Furious The Game is a worthwhile and substantial upgrade to its predecessor. Though the racing itself hasn’t evolved to “best of” status yet; the polish, depth and replay value that’s in this offering makes it easy to take another ride in the Fast & Furious universe.

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