Feel-Better is a Multi-Media Diary for Recording Thoughts and Feelings

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Feel-Better Without being an expert on positive psychology or the benefits of journaling, it’s difficult to speak to the benefits of recording emotions and thoughts in a journal or diary. Benefit or no, if you’re interested in keeping a journal then doing so on your mobile device seems the most practical way. Feel-Better is an outlet for doing just that – recording your emotions, thoughts or feelings any given day and saving them for review. More than just a journal, Feel-Better also provides users with the means to attach media files to their daily entry and then play back a specific day or period of time at a later date.

Feel-Better starts the journaling process by providing a selection (and description) of 18 different emotions, ranging from euphoria to apathy, that can be saved to the integrated calendar. The sliding scale from happy to sad categorizes and displays the emotional states attributed to both ends of the emotional spectrum. Users can then attach pictures, songs, web links and other media that may attribute to or support their current emotions. So if there’s a song that makes you feel empowered, a picture that inspires or a link to a favorite page, just attach it using the sidebar clipboard – it’s all fairly simple.

In addition to recording daily emotions and adding any supporting or interesting media, Feel-Better provides a place to make a note or record your thoughts. All the data is saved to the corresponding day. After a few days, or weeks, the saved data can be replayed like a movie that depicts the past week or month or year of life. Specific days that were particularly good or that have particularly inspiring or uplifting media attachments can also be replayed as a self-help pick-me-up.

Feel-Better actually has a couple of uses as an electronic journal. First and simplest, it could be used to simply record life in a series of emotional tags, thoughts, images and songs – like a multimedia diary. Second, and slightly more complex, it could be used as a part of self-help therapy or maybe even in conjunction with clinical therapy for depression, anxiety and so on. If the ability to chart moods and identify patterns were available, it might be more useful on that front, but it does save all recorded data for review and might be therapeutic for those who believe in the power of journaling. Either way, Feel-Better serves as a nice, simple diary for iPhone and iPad users.

Feel-Better does have a few glitches and minor imperfections, such as syntax errors in its English usage and grammar with mood descriptions and sometimes lags when recording and attaching media and data, but all in all it functions fairly well as built. It costs two bucks and as a paperless, multi-media dairy is quite capable of providing an organized placed to easily and quickly jot down thoughts and feelings.

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This app is not currently available in the App Store.

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