Feng Shui Game: Keep the Balance!

Keep the Balance! Feng Shui Game (AppStore Link)
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Keep the Balance! Feng Shui Game
Developer: Happy Blue Fish Studio
Price: $3.99 Download on the App Store

feng shui game iphoneHappy Blue Fish’s Feng Shui Game: Keep the Balance! is a charmingly animated app that tests your memory and balance skills in a Zen themed, interactive game. The Feng Shui Game offers four modes of gameplay including a two-player Duo version. Players learn and memorize the feeding and destruction cycle of the elements fire, earth, water, metal, and tree while the game tests memory skills in three of the four games. The final game, Zen, pits players against the elements of wind and rain to keep their Feng Shui master balanced atop his feng shui pole.

Whether or not the Feng Shui Game has anything to do with the actual practice of Feng Shui is open to interpretation. It does present the concept of Yin and Yang in a very casual, lighthearted manner and the games are designed so that anyone with a basic understanding of memorization can play. The two-player Duo mode is a friendly challenge to see whose memory is best and the other modes feature single-player games with unlockable achievements.

Some of the cycle concepts in Feng Shui Game: Keep the Balance! are simple to understand regardless of your knowledge of feng shui and elemental cycles- like water destroys fire, but feeds tree. Others, like earth feeding metal and tree destroying earth are a bit more obscure, so players will want to focus on what the Feng Shui master tells them rather than what makes the most sense. For certain, the feeding and destruction cycles of the five elements will tax your memory in the beginning.

Though the two-player Duo mode is nice, the problem is it isn’t a game you can pick up and play with another person on the fly. Your opponent will have to be given a chance to study the elemental cycles before playing. In fact the only game mode playable immediately is Zen, which requires players to keep the master balanced on a stick through wind and rain by tilting their device from side to side.

The Feng Shui Game isn’t what I expected it to be, but it turned out to be a pleasant enough basic memory skill game and the Feng Shui concept is supported by cutesy animation and very Zen music. It isn’t a particularly energetic game, but it has good energy as a relaxing and casual memory game appropriate for all audiences. So as not to be disappointed, try the free version and check out two of the four modes included in the full version of the Feng Shui Game: Keep the Balance!.

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