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Ferrari GT: Evolution
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ferrari gt evolution iphone appThe last thing you or I need is to spend even more time playing driving games than working, but you must take Gameloft's Ferrari GT: Evolution for a test drive.

I can't put the darn thing down.

The graphics are terrific — the 3D visual effects are lush and crisp at the same time. You have a ginormous array of options: 33 different Ferraris, 8 tracks,3 difficulty modes, 3 control modes, 5 car customization settings... There's more: 5 camera positions, 4 colors for each car, up to 7 opponents for each track, screen orientation and that's still not all. Whew!

Okay, so you want to know, what's it like to test your mettle on the pedals of one of these fine Italian steeds?

With Ferrari GT Evolution you have three steering control options — accelerometer, screen taps and steering wheel. The accelerometer works best for me. It's more intuitive than screen tapping. The wheel control is too small for me to use comfortably and it's positioned awkwardly to the left side of the screen. It might be better if it were larger or closer to the middle, but I can't say for sure.

The difficulty modes range from easy to hard, and vary according to track: Rome, Fiorano, Italy, Berlin, New York City, Athens and others. With Ferrari Gt Evolution you can choose between portrait and landscape modes and a range of camera positions from inside the car to "Very Far."

Ferrari Gt: Evolution provides several ways to customize your car's set up too: adaptive steering, ceramic disks, ABS, for example.

Steering Ferrari GT takes some getting used to. It could be more reactive even though after some practice I was able to compensate some. There's a sensitivity adjustment and my setting is close to the most sensitive.

As you might expect with a racing game of this complexity, load times are on the long side in some places. It takes about 75 seconds after you launch the app to get to the first track you can play. Ferrari Gt Evolution takes about 20 seconds to exit to the main menu and switch tracks. It's easy to get impatient, but just tell yourself the wait is worth it.

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  • Thomas Tim

    The scene looks crisp!