Filamente Connects With Sharepoint to Access Files from the iPad

Filamente - Office 365 and SharePoint Mobile Client (AppStore Link)
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Filamente - Office 365 and SharePoint Mobile Client
Developer: Aircreek, Inc.
Price: $17.99 Download on the App Store

Filamente — The more popular the iPad becomes as a mobile device, the greater the desire for file management tools. The added functionality of viewing and reading documents, spreadsheets and other files gives a user yet another reason to ditch the laptop and just bring along an iPad.

Filamente joins the growing list by offering some solid features and usability. What sets it apart is that it is one of the few apps to connect to Sharepoint. If you are in a small business or other organization that manages information through Sharepoint, accessing these files can be crucial. And the Safari browser is not enough to get the job done.

Filamente takes a bit of work to set up, but it is nothing you wouldn't have to tweak otherwise to connect a service to Sharepoint. For example, you can now open a document with a word processing app, like Pages, if you wish to make changes to a document when away from a computer.

Filamente makes good use of the familiar iPad navigation with drop-down menus in portrait mode or a vertical bar on the left when in landscape. Viewing files works very well with pinch-to-zoom available for focusing in on documents. It is especially handy for storing and viewing a pdf that you may need to read later from an iPad.

A recent update to Filamente takes full advantage of the iOS 4.2 update by configuring it to work with the iPad's multitasking ability. The app included some bug fixes which made the overall interface feel much smoother and more responsive than the previous version.

Filamente is primarily designed for viewing and managing files, so don't pick this up if you are solely looking for a document editor. Yet if you are hooked up with the Microsoft Sharepoint ecosystem, Filamente is an excellent option for staying connected with those essential documents.

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  • timothyjpreut

    RT @'MarketMeTweet' AppCraver Filamente Connects With Sharepoint to Access Files from the iPad

  • Andy Harris

    useless! Downloaded the trial version - crashes every single time before even loading up - DONT TRY IT!

  • David

    SharePlus office mobile that Florencia mentioned above crashes every time. Filamente seems to be more stable with better UI.

  • Great app!

    I bought Filamente after reading this review. Solid app! I like the way Filamente handles tasks, calendar, documents, etc.