Transfer Files Using iPhone: The Complete Round-up


file transfer apps iphoneFrom file famine to file feast in only a matter of weeks. There are a number of file transfer apps that enable iPhone users to shuttle files between iPhones and desktops, and iPhone to the cloud and even one iPhone to another over the same Wi-Fi network.

The latest file transfer apps share many attributes. They enable you to read PDFs, docs and all the other file formats the iPhone supports, for one. They rely on Web-based Distributed Authoring and Versioning, or WebDAV for short, which is a set of extensions to HTTP that allows users to edit and manage files on Web servers.

Most require file transfers to go over a Wi-Fi connection, although at least one (Readdle) will transfer files via EDGE, 3G too.

If you want a safe place to stow large files while you’re on the go, there’s a number of cloud storage options with a monthly subscription fee attached. One such service,’s, gives you 1 GB of free storage.

We’ve rounded up files transfer apps now on the App Store’s shelves for you to compare. Links in the Developer column go to the developer’s app description in the App Store; and links in the Title column go to reviews on AppCraver. Click the image below to see the chart full size.

file transfer chart iphone

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  • DonBurns99

    ReaddleDocs is a fantastic solution to the file transfer problem and has my recommendation out of the bunch; well worth it's asking price.

  • Archy McNally

    It would be nice if your Current ratings for each app was presented in the table. Also, maybe it was just me, but I could only get the 2nd page of the table to load in IE7 & only the 1st page to load in Chrome.