Files Lite: A Doc-Syncing Solution

Files : Document & PDF Reader (AppStore Link)
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Files : Document & PDF Reader
Developer: Olive Toast Software Ltd
Price: free Download on the App Store

files lite iphoneFiles Lite is an app that gives you the ability to sync docs directly to your iPhone. Along with the free download, you must create a connection between your iPhone and your computer for syncing files. This of course, also means being on the same WiFi network when it's time to sync. Just as with FileSync much of the effort takes place on the front end — ensuring that you properly configure your computer to connect to your iPhone and the software.

This being the lite version, the additional features for the full package includes unrestricted disk storage, the ability to copy images to the iPhone photos app and a file name search. So if having these features are essential, then you should upgrade.

The best thing about Files Lite is that you can have an easy way to view important documents on your phone. Although this almost left me wanting more - the ability to edit and send them. Documents To Go, a popular app for other smart phones, will finally bring this to the iPhone.

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  • BettyGreene

    I wish people would make more apps like this rather than just games all day long. Enough of these types of useful apps and we wont ever have to use tv remotes, garage door openers, or light switches ever again!!!

  • DominoFect

    That'll be the day...

  • JoshPratt79

    Maybe my iPhone will start mah tracotr one day. Now THAT will be the day!

  • Roxy22

    That day will come sooner than you guys are projecting in your tiny little minds

  • Amy

    Can someone explain to me how to put the documents from my computer onto the file lite?
    Because i really need to know and I've found no where that tells me how to do it step by step!!
    Cheers, x

  • Simon


    1. Start files lite on the iphone/ipod. Once its started (green circle at the bottom left), press that and make a note of the WebDAV server URL.

    2. On your Mac (on Windows this will be different), go to Finder and from the Go menu select the last option (Connect to server).

    3. Type in the WebDAV server URL into the server box. Within a few seconds you should have a network drive that is the files lite area on your iphone/ipod and you can drag and drop files on/off it.

  • Josh MacDonald

    I was wondering how you get a file attached to an email transferred from the email to files lite?

  • Brent

    I downloaded several word documents and some of them come up with an error "This document can't be viewed, This document was created with an unsuported version of word"

    Any ideas?

  • Rich

    I would like to know why openoffice documents (odt) cannot be opened in Files Lite?
    Please help if possible.

  • kaolin fire

    @Metafrantic Files Lite: