FingerMingle Shows Promise, but Not Cool Enough to Break the Ice Yet

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fingermingle iphoneI remember when dating used to be simple. Considering that I’m a guy, it was my job to deliver a good time while being a perfect gentleman. That part was easy enough as several articles and books have been written for guys that are clueless in matters of love and relationships. The hard part with dating is developing chemistry, and airbit has taken a shot at creating an approach to serve as an icebreaker that leads to establishing chemistry. FingerMingle is that approach, a finger twisting puzzle game that professes to be at its best when played with a love interest.

FingleMingle is easy to grasp. It’s a level-based puzzle game that requires you to select and hold colorful buttons and drag them to their color-coded checkpoints without touching various hazards or obstacles in the level. Over the course of the game’s 50 levels, the difficulty is ramped up by multiple buttons being placed in the levels requiring movement of multiple buttons simultaneously. It takes anywhere from five-seconds to twenty-seconds to complete a level, and points are distributed upon completed them. As you would expect, completing levels opens up new ones to tackle.

Levels within FingerMingle can be played alone or with a partner. Considering the title of this application, it’s fairly apparent that this game is meant to be played with a partner. Airbit has designed FingerMingle’s levels to ensure that fingers are touching during gameplay. On the more difficult levels, figuring out the methods to complete them requires a bit of communication and strategy.

If I had to describe the look and feel of FingerMingle, I’d call it smooth and flirty. Catchy and fun guitar strings make up the looping background music in FingerMingle, and I dig it a lot. The levels themselves are shown from a top down perspective and the obstacles in the game are real world objects like paper clips, pens, coffee mugs and other random objects in that vein. Overall it works pretty well for this application.

Will FingerMingle work as an icebreaker? Sure...if the game was more fun. Questionable collision detection is the big culprit that stops this game from being fun. There were many times that my finger presses on the colored buttons didn’t register, and it was incredibly frustrating. Making matters worse, I’d often lose levels from hitting obstacles that I didn’t actually see myself hit!

Though I can’t imagine what it is like for singles navigating today’s dating circuit, FingerMingle is not the thing to pull out of your proverbial trick bag. Airbit has a good idea in theory with FingerMingle, but the gameplay needs to be improved. Hopefully, Airbit can work out the kinks in the next update.

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