Go Fourth With Firework Frenzy

This app is not currently available in the App Store.

firework-frenzy-iphone-appWhen I first saw Firework Frenzy in the App Store I was reminded of an older online game with a similar name where you exploded fireworks of different shapes by filling them in with puzzle pieces. I was sort of hoping Firework Frenzy would be a revival of that game. As it is, Firework Frenzy is similar to the current online game of the same name, and while I’m not sure the developers of Firework Frenzy online and Firework Frenzy for iPhone are in league together, it appears to be the only firework game currently in the app store. And what an apropos title for the upcoming holiday weekend.

Firework Frenzy for iPhone and touch is a game where you try to score as many points as possible by tapping on the fireworks that shoot into the sky. You get maximum points by timing your tapping explosions just right. There are nine different venues, three in each difficulty mode of easy, medium, and hard and each level is timed. You have until the time runs out to score enough points to unlock the next level and continue playing.

While I’d hate to offer comparisons that shouldn’t be made, Firework Frenzy online is set over a semi-realistic nighttime view of London. Even though there are morons who have been known to deploy fireworks from their back yards in the middle of the day, it seems to me that nighttime makes for better use of the festive shells and mortars. Still, many of the venues in Firework Frenzy are daytime venues – such as the BBQ in the front yard, the birthday party in the back yard, and the wedding on the beach.

The selection of venues, or rather just the oddity of selecting daytime venues, aside, Firework Frenzy is a fairly pleasantly animated game. Some of the graphics are kind of cheesy, but they serve as a background only. The only really annoying part is the recurring sounds the invisible crowd makes. Instead of “ooohing” and “aahhhing” in appreciation, if you miss one or set it off too early, they “boo” at you. And it’s not like a “boo-hiss” noise where their invisible disappoint is obvious, it actually sounds more like the sound the video crowds in a golf game would make if you barely miss the cup - only stuck on repeat. Sometimes they make that noise and you don’t even know why. And since you can’t turn them off, you’re stuck with them.

Minor annoyances in presentation aside, Firework Frenzy is currently the only such game available in the App Store to help put you in that festive, go-Fourth mood. It’s a relatively casual game that anyone can play, but switching up the difficulty levels and skipping the earlier and easier ones really bumps up the challenge. Hard mode is as close to a frenzy of fireworks as you’re likely to get and the real challenge is to unlock the final two levels. You can also buy firework upgrades after clearing levels to unlock all the colors available.

Firework Frenzy may not be a huge blast as far as games go, but it’s by no means the worst game out there and its casual presentation and learning curve make it practical enough for anyone to play. So go ahead and give it a try – it should prove an OK way to kill time while you’re sitting in your camp chair this weekend waiting for the real show to start.

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This app is not currently available in the App Store.

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