First Contact: Missile Defense iPhone Style

This app is not currently available in the App Store.

First Contact is like a three-dimensional version of Missile Command. It requires blasting enemy invaders that are seeking to destroy your colonies. A quick game of swiping and tapping to destroy the aliens awaits. It provides a good experience and great game play for anyone looking for another game to add to their iPhone/iPod touch.

The premise behind First Contact is that human colonies are being attacked by aliens. Unfortunately if you have poor vision, you may not get to read in the game since the font that provides the background and instructions looks to be about a four point san serif.

It really doesn't matter, because where First Contact shines is in the game play. To fend off the enemies, you must take charge of the planet by moving it around with your finger to spot the invaders. Each colony that has been targeted emits a read light, so you must move around the screen and then tap on the incoming missile. Once you do this the colony launches its own missile and destroys the alien attacker.

The familiar iPhone gestures come in handy for First Contact. Along with tapping to fire the missiles, you can pinch and swipe the planet for easier viewing. It worked best to make the planet as small as possible because sometimes it was a bit of a challenge to see the enemy missiles.

After a few rounds of space combat there is a chance to earn a nuke, which destroys all enemies on-screen in one massive explosion. To activate it, give the iPhone/iPod touch a good shake. You will need the nuke, because the rounds get more intense as the game goes on. In later rounds there are also options for upgrading your shields or restoring colony strength. it is a bit unclear how much the strength the shields supply as there is no visible meter. But the bigger weapons are always welcome.

Once you finally succumb to the alien invaders, First Contact offers an option for uploading the score to an online database which also ranks you in comparison to other gamers. There is not yet any additional interactivity built in with the score sharing, but it is nice to know where you stand when compared to other gmers.

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This app is not currently available in the App Store.

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