FitClick Diet & Exercise Tracker Works, but Can't Compete


fit click diet exercise tracker iphoneIf you have an iPhone and want to keep track of your caloric intake and output, then FitClick Diet & Workout Tracker is one option for doing so. Working in conjunction with the Fit Click website, Fit Click Diet & Workout Tracker keeps track of your daily calorie balance by allowing you to input the foods you eat and the exercise you do each day and balancing them out for your review. New users must register with Fit Click to get started and give basic information, including your age, gender and target weight.

If you already use the Fit Click website, then you may be pleased to learn that Fit Click Diet & Workout Tracker syncs to the website, making it easier to keep track of your weight management plan. Conversely, if you are not a Fit Click user, you can still use the app to do basic calorie management, check the calorie content of foods, the approximate productivity of specific exercise, and how it all fits in to your calorie budget day to day.

There are some positives and negatives to the Fit Click app and when compared to other similar apps, it falls somewhere in the middle.

The good thing about Fit Click Diet & Workout Tracker is that it keeps track of both diet and exercise. Since the two go hand in hand it only makes sense to use one app to track both. The food database included in Fit Click is pretty comprehensive and includes name brand foods as well as standard fare. Fit Click also includes a variety of exercise demonstrations in case you haven't perfected your daily workout or are looking for some variety to target a specific problem area.

The downside to Fit Click is that it is used as an ancillary to the Fit Click website. The website is pretty comprehensive in itself, with recipes, an active community, and a variety of features designed to help encourage users to stick to a plan. When using the iPhone application as a stand-alone calorie counter and diet tracker however, there is no way to modify your target weight or start over without going to the website or re-registering as a different user.

Another shortcoming in terms of ease-of-use is the interface when adding foods. Though the database is pretty extensive, you must type a search query each and every time you enter food. You can't view the calorie or nutritional information until after you select the food, which makes it impractical for planning meals. The app also doesn't store previously-selected foods, doesn't present a directory of any kind, and waits to provide a list for browsing until after a food is entered. The same is true of adding exercise and while it's a pretty generic interface and not exceedingly practical, it at least functions reliably without crashing.

While FitClick Diet & Workout Tracker will indeed keep track of calories and exercise, it contains only a fraction of the functions available on their website. Were FitClick free, or at least in the .99 category, and still synced with the parent web site, it would have a bigger market. As it is, consumer savvy individuals can get the same ability to keep mobile track of diet and exercise, along with recipes and daily, weekly, and monthly progress reports all for free with Lose It - which is far more comprehensive and user friendly.

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