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FitnessOneThose of us with fitness-minded goals can get an App Store workout just trying to find the ideal fitness and nutrition app. There are a few that combine bits and pieces of fitness, nutrition and exercise information into one app, some are specifically tailored to working out with no focus on nutrition, while others are geared towards diet and weight loss, but offer little guidance for working out. And a select few do provide a more comprehensive collection of options that include both areas. The FitnessOne app by Bay is a fairly comprehensive fitness app that lets you build a workout customized to your needs and preferences. It’s not as sleek as some, but it does provide a huge variety of exercises, demonstrates them with video instruction, and gives users just enough tools to make a go of it.

FitnessOne builds a “customized” workout routine based on information you provide. To get started, select your fitness goal and your workout fitness level – beginner, intermediate or advanced. Your fitness goals can be muscle gain, conditioning or fat loss and FitnessOne chooses the best exercises for your goal and incorporates them into a weekly workout routine. One of the more flexible features of FitnessOne includes the ability to build a routine based on whether or not you have access to a gym. Without it, you are presented with a workout routine including only those exercises that can be done at home.

Once set up, the FitnessOne routine builder presents a day-by-day list of exercises, along with photos, how-to instructions and a short video. Many of the exercises include tips for success and each one provides clear instructions for performing each one. You’ll have to trust the selections FitnessOne populates as there is no way to build a truly customized routine based only on the exercises you select. You can, however, browse all available exercises if you feel something is left out, but you'll have to remember to do them on your own. It also provides you with minimal nutritional information for dieting purposes, such as recommended caloric intake and macro-nutrient recommendations like carbs and protein – again, all based on your selected fitness level and goals.

FitnessOne was obviously designed with a variety of people and fitness goals in mind, which gives the app appeal to a broader user base. It affords users a pretty comprehensive selection of a variety of exercises and fairly detailed instructions for execution. As for its organization, interface and ability to function as a tracker of exercise and nutrition, it gets a little lazy. You absolutely can create a log of completed workouts, but the exercise log function is a bit sloppy. When you log an exercise, a scroll wheel for inputting weight and repetitions is included, but there’s no specific input method for exercises that don’t involve weights. So while your 30 minute walk and push up set can indeed be logged, a weight and repetition value must be assigned to all exercises whether it’s relevant or not.

Tracking options include the ability to email logs and view an “analysis” of your progress. But here again, the sometimes unnecessary weight value is calculated in, making the analysis sort of unhelpful aside from the fact that you can obviously see when you did an exercise. Though a recommended diet based on calories and macro-nutrients is provided, there is currently no way of tracking calories with FitnessOne.

Comparing the price of FitnessOne to its value as a exercise guide and workout routine builder, it’s definitely better than multiple apps providing only one piece of the fitness puzzle at a time. It certainly has room for improvement, but for a mere dollar, the ability to populate a workout routine specific to your fitness goals and have instructions and video at your fingertips is the real value of FitnessOne.

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This app is not currently available in the App Store.

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