Flash coming to the iPhone?


VentureBeat reports that Adobe is indeed working on Flash for the iPhone. Apple Insider is confirming, saying that Senior Director of Engineering at Adobe Systems Paul Betlem said at the Flash on the Beach conference that his team is working on Flash for the iPhone. According to Betlem, pending Apple's approval the software would be available "in a very short time." More on Flash on the iPhone from Apple Insider.

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  • Charles Korberg

    Its about time! Flash is the only other viable video platform. I dont like clickiung back to youtube to watch every video

  • Rockwell

    What does this mean exactly? Will you download a "Flash app" or will it be built into the firmware? How will this affect functionality of apps?

  • http://appruv.com Appruv.com

    But, will it happen. I'm thinking it's probably not likely. Apple will be opening a whole new can of worms for itself if it does allow flash because it will compete directly with their application platform as we know it. An abbundance of Flash games/music and video players would be available to iPhone users However, with the recent NDA drop news...anything is possible.

  • TheRealGomez

    It's about damn time!

  • Eddy

    Please be true. Then I can watch all of the shows on their respective websites. I hate having to buy episodes simply because I'm mobile.

  • Eddy

    By the way by rspective websites I mean like watching missed eps. Of fringe on fox.com