Fleck Tells a Magic Story


Fleck is a board game app for the iPhone and I have yet to see anything similar. The object of the game is to get the little guy in the green shirt, also known  as Fleck, to the cove. You have to do this without coming into contact with the acid raindrops or the toadstool which will poison him and ultimately end the game. This may sound easy, but it is actually pretty hard.

The app's quality is apparent as soon as you open the game. It's obvious that a lot of thought went into making this a user-friendly game.

The sound options use a slider mechanism so you can not only turn it on or off but adjust for the perfect volume. There is a separate control for the background music. There are also on/off toggles — cheats,  time limit, and limited moves — that allow you to change the difficulty.

The help section is great and shows exactly what to do in the game. In addition to offering a background story, it shows every piece of magic that player will come across on the board.

Start to play the game from the main menu and if you need to leave mid-game you can come back later and continue the game or just click new game and start all over.

At the end of the game, Fleck shows the points acquired during your game and the amount of moves that it took to do so. On the bottom right you can click the retry button to give the game another shot or click the menu button on the bottom left to exit back to the beginning.

Fleck is a great game and you can certainly see that the developer put a lot of time and effort into creating a diversion that can be played over and over again.

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