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flik iphoneFlik markets itself as a puzzle game, which in many ways it is, but it also reminds me of some older arcade style games, especially Breakout. So as a game that spans a couple of genres, let’s take a look at what Flik offers.

Developed by My Code Studio, LLC, Flik is a game that allows you to destroy bullseye targets with projectiles that you launch with the flik — it's actually more of a swipe — of a finger. The projectiles themselves are like missiles, but vary from bubbles to bouncy balls to actual rocket missiles. There are 30 levels at present, each with a different presentation. In some, the targets are pretty easy to aim for, but in others, you have to destroy blocks that are providing cover for the targets before you can destroy them. Each level is timed and you are provided with only a certain number of projectiles.

What first attracted me to Flik was the touch recognition. I’ve been looking for a game that utilized the touch screen for more than just a quick tap or two, but actually lets you control something directionally. Flik allows you to control not just the launch of your projectile, but the angle and speed as well. It works fairly well and it’s possible I just don’t have “the touch,” but I do get frustrated from time to time at the controls. I feel like my projectile bouncy ball should launch out at break-neck speed as frantically as I’m swiping my finger, but it just seems to shoot out at the same speed each time. Occasionally I flick, and nothing happens. Still, I like the concept.

The puzzle aspect of Flik stems from each level being built to make you think about how to best approach the destruction of targets. There are bonus blocks, such as added time, which is handy, but while the timer is there to help construct the overall challenge, it starts counting down right away. There were a couple of levels I wish I could have studied a moment or two before my time began.

Flik has an auto-save feature, which allows you to quit and return back to the same level you were playing and also features three difficulty levels. The levels themselves remain unchanged, the difference in difficulty is the amount of time on the clock. Flik also allows you to play tunes from your library while playing the game.

If you enjoy arcade-style puzzle games, Flik will probably entertain you. You can check out the developer’s free version Flik Lite, which is essentially the same game, but only contains the first five levels. Admittedly, some of the further up levels are more fun than the first few, so if you try the free version and like it, give Flik a whirl.

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  • OperationPenguin

    I got the full version last week. Very addictive. Lots of levels and new features as you go.