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Developer: Anon Arts LLC
Price: $4.99 Download on the App Store

Flipbook iPhone appFlipbook is a fun app that is much more sophisticated than it lets on. Although not entirely intuitive when it comes to navigating around, the program is easy enough to use that I was able to create a simple animation in about 5 minutes.

Users of the full version of Flipbook ($9.99) can create unlimited movies and includes hosting of up to 10 files on flipbook.tv (account required). The free version (Flipbook lite) will let you create 2 movies and host one.

For an iPhone app with such a low price, Flipbook contains an incredible level of features -- color and brush size controls, layers and onion-skinning, undo, the ability to load pics from and save images to your photo library. These are robust tools. 

I'm not an animator so what I like about Flipbook is you don't need to be a professional to make it work. It's as easy as the company says to "draw, play, share." In addition, advanced users can dig deeper into the toolset and not feel limited. Don't believe me, browse through the videos at flipbook.tv/random/ and see for yourself. There's a whole range of skill levels represented.

Here's my Flipbook contribution:


Image Gallery: FlipBook

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