Fliq is a Free Tool for Swapping Photos Over WIFI


fliq photosharingFliq is a free utility that allows two people over a Wifi connection to "fliq" photos (and contact information) to each other. It's a reasonably good idea, but the implementation is far from perfect.

The biggest problem is there is typically a 30-60 second delay between the time you "fliq" a photo, and the time your friend receives it. During this delay, there is no indication that the "fliqing has been successful. If either of you leave the app, the "fliq" will fail.

More to the point, Fliq doesn't really solve a real problem. If I want to share a photo on iPhone, I can quickly email it to any of my contacts. This is faster and more foolproof than "flicking" it. I could see a use for this type of file sharing for audio files, but not individual pictures

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  • wunderkind

    you've been fliq'd. Seriously WTF

  • classiccargeek

    I've been using Fliq for about a week now. Not sure why you guys are only noticing it now. Don't worry, I still like your web site. :-)

    Anyway, I wondered about the photo sending delay too. I think I figured it out. Turns out Fliq doesn't compress a photo you send. It sends the actual file, at its original size. I think this is a good thing. So, if you sync'd a photo to your iPhone that you took with a 4 mega-pixel camera, and you try to send it, it takes a while to send that large file.

    As you can tell from my name, I like classic cars. So does my wife and a number of friends. Whenever any of us see's a car we want to share, we snap a photo. I used to email the photos to my wife, but I'm not very good at typing on the iPhone, so emailing from my iPhone isn't my favorite thing. But using this app to send car pics to my wife at home (and friends who have an iPhone. And it work with iPod Touches too, btw) is a breeze. I only have to tap a few times. :-)

  • http://markspace.com phil

    Fliq can also send, store, categorize and sort your notes, and is now available for Mac and soon the PC. And there's a Fliq Notes on App Store for free and soon a Fliq Tasks. I think they are useful, esp. for sending and receiving notes, photos and contacts.