Fliq is a Great Concept, but Not Seamless Just Yet

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Developer: Mark/Space
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Fliq for iPhone

Sharing photos and contacts is smooth with Fliq

The strength of Fliq lies in its relative ease-of-use for transferring contacts and photos. Plus it is free, unlike the paid version of Handshake. With just a couple of taps you can send out photos from your collection along with your contact information.

Once you open the program, you get a list of others who are running Fliq. This also means getting those you want to share things with to also download Fliq... and be near you ...and have the app open when you want to share something.

While Fliq has some conveniences, sometimes it may be easier to do things old-fashioned ways: e-mail or text.

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  • kibbi

    Looks like a good program BUT iTunes fires back that it is not available in the US??? Very odd and worth a look by the authors I think.