Flower Picker is a Bad Pick

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flower picker iphone appSometimes you just don't know what type of flowers you should buy for a special occasion. Flower Picker is an iPhone app from Gentav that wants to help you out. Unfortunately, you are probably better off deciding on your own.

Flower Picker looks like a slot machine on your iPhone. You line up three columns: for whom the flowers are destined, for what occasion and what color you want. Flower Picker will give you one to three flower choices.

Supposedly their picks are based on the flowers’ meanings, which are not revealed to the user.

Coworker + Wedding + Yellow tells me I can give the gift of dandelions, irises or forsythia. I doubt that showing up at my co-worker’s wedding with dandelions is going to win me any brownie points at the office.

Family + Get Well + Green results in only one choice, a cactus. Family + Break Up + Green = bouquet of withered flowers.

You can press a randomize button in case you do not know who you want to buy flowers for or for what reason. If you are that lost, you might try therapy instead.

My advice? Pick a big bouquet that you find beautiful. Your iPhone might still be useful in helping you pick out flowers because you can use it to call your mom or your sister who always seem to know these things. I can even give you a few pointers: Baby’s breath is a cheesy filler. Skip carnations for the same reason. Eucalyptus is for funerals, not weddings. And dandelions? They look better in the ground. There. I just saved you 99 cents.

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This app is not currently available in the App Store.

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