Fluid 2 is Meditation in Motion

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Fluid 2
Developer: Fabien Sanglard
Price: $0.99 Download on the App Store

fluid 2 iphoneThere are so many apps now that do so little.  Fluid 2 is one of those Zen apps whose motto could be “don’t just do something, sit there.”

Fluid 2, a ninety-nine cent version of the free Fluid from Fabien Sanglard, allows you to do more than tap the screen and watch the waves ripple across the water.  With Fluid 2, you can also toss a coin to make a wish, upload your own background from your photo album, listen to ambient music and change the color of the water.

Still, Fluid 2 is a do-nothing app.  With so many apps-without-purpose competing for recognition, Fluid 2 does not stand out.  Koi Pond, one of the original apps in this category, is more engaging.

Many of the earlier apps in the entertainment category got the attention they did because of the way they demonstrated the multi-touch and accelerometer capabilities of the iPhone.  Now that over one billion apps have been downloaded from the app store, we all know how cool the iPhone is and what it is capable of.  Fluid 2’s user interface is old news.

That said, Fluid 2 is a cool app.  It is fun to drop coins in the water and watch the ripples for a few minutes, while listening to relaxing music.  I would describe Fluid 2 as meditation in motion.  But Fluid 2 is not keeping my attention any more than Fluid.  Unless you have nothing else to do, download the original Fluid and save a dollar.  If you already have Fluid and are eager for more user options, then Fluid 2 is worth spending your money on.

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