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This app is not currently available in the App Store.

flycast mobile broadcast- iphone app The developers of FlyCast held nothing back when they released their music broadcasting app. Since its release to the App Store,  FlyCast has generated quite a few comments, and it seems most everybody liked the app. Like most music radio apps, FlyCast allows you to change stations based on your music preference. I always prefer starting out with the top 40 to see just how current their selection is. I must say FlyCast impressed me, not only because of their music selection but because FlyCast is so easy to use.

For someone that is new to the iPhone, FlyCast makes it very easy to listen to your favorite music. The UI in FlyCast is very pleasing to the eye and is designed in such a way that makes listening to music easy and enjoyable. A great feature of FlyCast is the ability to surf the web while you are listening to music. The developers have implemented a web search icon on the top right of the screen that takes you directly to Google. Since the iPhone won't let you run numerous applications at once, this feature is incredibly handy. Quite a few radio stations also allow you to skip songs, unlike Pandora which limits you to 6 skips per station.

FlyCast seems to have a connection issue that is annoying when it occurs. A dialog box appears "We're sorry but we are unable to skip on this station. Please try another station or verify your connection settings." FlyCast advises rebooting the iPhone to fix this problem, however, I have not found that to be the case. Also, when searching for a song, FlyCast takes you to a certain radio station of the same genre, not directly to the song. I understand that they cannot do that but it would be really nice if it could take you directly to the song. Response time for FlyCast is slower that that of Pandora, when you click to go to the next song it takes a while for the album picture to show up while the new song is well under way.

While testing FlyCast I have not found many problems with the app other than the above mentioned annoyances. Overall FlyCast is a great free app that I will definitely use to discover new music.

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This app is not currently available in the App Store.

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  • Jordan

    that was the most helpful review for iphone apps ive ever read and i read as many as possible before i download anything onto my phone. i found it by google searching pandora vs. flycast iphone applications. i've had pandora and its good, but i don't find myself using it very often. i'm going to give flycast a shot and continue to use this website for my reviews.