FoneSentinel Keeps Close Watch Over Your iPhones

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fonesentinel iphone trackerIt’s late, do you know where your iPhone is? FoneSentinel, from Extreme Networks enables you to keep track of your iPhone (or more likely someone else’s iPhone).

The $4.99 app is not only able to approximate the phone’s position using cell towers, but also pin it down to the exact location if it’s an iPhone 3G.

Fone Sentinel is a service aimed at business owners who want to keep track of the iPhones they provide to their employees. If you find a job where they hand out iPhones for work, let me know.

Via the Web site, the business operator can find out where each of his iPhones are, where they came from and where they are going. That data can be updated anywhere from several times per minute to once a day. Employees can track each other as well if the account owner okays it.

The easiest way to start tracking is go to the FoneSentinel site to register and select an account plan. There’s a free account, so you might as well start with that before deciding whether you need to upgrade to plan that keeps more data, longer.

Then, launch FoneSentinel on the iPhone and enter the same registration info you entered into the site. Wait a few minutes and then go back to the Web site and click on Finder in the top menu. That will pull up Microsoft’s Visual Map with the location of your phone indicated by a flag or a series of flags, assuming the iPhoner is on the go.

FoneSentinel itself is basic. Log in, select update times and a delay if you want the app to start tracking at a later time.

Now, if you’re thinking you can use FoneSentinel to recover a lost or stolen phone, you’ll have to hope someone will launch FoneSentinel and keep it open long enough for you to locate it. Otherwise, it’s not going to do you much good. Undercover from Orbicule BVBA might be better suited if that’s what you’re after.

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This app is not currently available in the App Store.

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