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Developer: Nano Titans
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Foodies for iPhone Featured in the App Store as a current top paid app and receiving rave reviews, Foodies is worthy of its “sweet” accolades. A unique game taking a different approach to touch screen control, Foodies features “Snacky Sam,” an adorable orange blob engaging in the deadly sin of gluttony. While he’s clearly in danger of heart disease and obesity based on his caloric intake, this chowhound is in greater danger of virtual doom brought on by the obstacles of the game.

A truly solid debut app by independent developer Nano Titans, Foodies is poised for success. Each layer of the game, from the art work and sound effects to the unique two-thumb control and level design, combines to create a refreshing puzzle platformer. With eighty levels spanning four level packs, Foodies has some uniquely designed levels for players to bounce Sam to sweet success. Whether you’re chowing down on every sweet treat in sight or directed to eat only specific types of foods, there’s a level design or mission to entertain and challenge anyone.

The premise of Foodies is to complete a level by helping Sam eat his way through it. Using both thumbs to move and manipulate a bouncy platform, players must anticipate a soft physics response and guide Sam to the treats. Levels range from original designs with random food and obstacle placement to recognizable ones like tic-tac-toe and Space Invader styles. The art design is colorful and satisfying and the replay value is enhanced by a scoring method of one, two or three candle objectives as indicated on a cake top. Scoring is achieved based on bounces and time, which are alternatively limited during regular game play, but can be turned off in Tourist Mode. In fact tourist mode takes an already casual puzzle platformer and makes it even more casual by eliminating the bounce and time limit challenge.

Nano Titans gets kudos for Foodies and is deserving of its initial user praise. This game is not only well-designed but well-executed. Even if no future level packs were planned, Foodies comes with a complete feel and is priced oh-so-right at .99. All around fun to play, mildly addictive and yet casual as can be, Foodies is a great debut game that packs a big punch and delivers real pick-up-and-play value to the end-user. Go ahead and enjoy Foodies and keep an eye out for additional releases from Nano Titans.

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