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Foosball World Tour
Developer: Better Day Wireless, Inc.
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Foosball World Cup has blasted its way into the App Store. If you're a fan of arcade games and bar games then you'll love Foosball World Cup. Now you'll have the opportunity compete as one of the world's 12 most elite soccer teams in a bid to win the virtual world championship.

With Foosball World Cup you can choose to play a tournament, a single match, with two players or complete a practice game. There are three rounds first round, semi-finals, and finals.

Everything about this game is user-friendly.

If you like to play with friends, Foosball World Cup allows you to challenge them directly on the same table. If you hit the options button you'll be taken to a utility screen. Here you choose the how to play and get a full explanation of the game objective, modes of the game, and playing options. You can also check out statistics on all the teams you have played win losses etc. For a more realistic experience choose your field. There are 15 different ones to choose from. Play on a grass, concrete, wood or traditional field. It's loaded with other options too, ball speed, and skill level settings. If you wan to play in silence turn off the music, you also have the option to choose from two different types of music.

While Foosball World Cup boasts some pretty impressive features, no game is perfect. The app doesn't let you move the rows independently and the precision also seems a little off — especially if you have fat fingers. We'd love to see the option to play against other players online.

Overall, Foosball World Cup has a lot to keep the casual mobile gamer interested, it has good graphics animation and plenty of options.

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