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Fortune Panda
Developer: Babyberry Studios LLC
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fortune panda iphoneA simple little arcade style game, Fortune Panda features a hep little panda bear wandering a beach where it's raining money. Living vicariously through Fortune Panda, you collect money in your tiny bucket while avoiding the bad stuff. Though Fortune Panda is a simplistic 2D side-scrolling game, it is surprisingly fun and addictive.

Fortune Panda's controls are intuitive to this type of game - tilt your device to move panda left and right and tap the screen to jump. The objective is to collect as much money as possible before your panda dies an untimely death by bomb, cargo truck, or toxic frog. Keep an eye out for shields, coin boosts and time stopper bonuses, all of which can increase your score and your game life.

The only drawback to Fortune Panda is its use of stoppers. Some rounds become frantically overloaded with all stoppers at once and the truck is so close enough to impossible to avoid that it elevates frustration. Fortune Panda can't seem to jump adequately out of the way or run away fast enough - especially if there's a lobster or frog stopper too. However, some games feature the truck early on and in others, it takes awhile to appear. In either case, it's still fun to keep trying.

As with most games, Fortune Panda integrates with email, Twitter and Facebook so you can challenge your friends and share high scores. Anyone who enjoys a basic but ideal arcade style game can certainly derive enjoyment from Kooaps' Fortune Panda. A direct and brief tutorial precedes each new game, making it quick and easy for anyone to pick up and play and its addictive nature, pleasant graphics and style make it nice to look at. Fortune Panda is not a must-have, but for the price it's a decent addition to any quick, on-the-go game collection.

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