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Fotomecha - multi lens simulated camera (AppStore Link)
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Fotomecha - multi lens simulated camera
Developer: Hironobu Kimura
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fotomecha iphoneFotomecha — Photography apps for iPhone are abundant and range from kid-friendly to technologically endowed.

Though the iPhone gets its share of rebuke for poor camera quality (at least pre-4G), I've seen quite a bit of high-quality creativity come out of some users. And, while i can't replicate others' creativity, I can appreciate it when I see it. Being able to create, even with the simpleton camera built into the iPhone, is made possible with the wide variety of photography apps available and though Fotomecha is just one more,  it deserves a closer look.

Brought to you by emotionale, Fotomecha is a serial shooting camera with multiple lens simulation. You can capture a subject in a series of photos or create brief animated gifs, add different effects, and upload directly to Twitter or Flickr. Though it doesn't provide terribly high resolution, Fotomecha provides room to expand your iPhone photography.

Features of Fotomecha include six lens modes, shutter speed settings of .25 to 1 sec intervals, and film modes that include black and white, cyan, Russian blue and more. Using Fotomecha is simple. Select a lens mode between 3 different 4 shot patters, a 6 and 9 or an animated GIF. Granted, the maximum number of shots that will loop into a GIF are 9, which may seem like not enough, but there is potential. While there are some settings that require experimentation, the overall UI is quite friendly.

The photos and GIFs are saved within the application and Fotomecha makes it easy to share. Besides uploading directly to Flickr or Twitter, you can email the file. Fotomecha may duplicate the functions of other photography apps, but if you haven't tried a continuous shooting app, then it's a good jumping off point. You can create some rather unique images and play around with the settings, opening up different possibilities for your pictures.

Other apps providing similar functions include Andigraf, Quad Camera Multishot, and Fast Tap Camera, but Fotomecha incorporates some cool effects, provides a moderate amount of control, and is within the same price range as its App Store counterparts, making it a smart choice for serial shooting.

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