Four Voice Recording Apps that Fill In for Apple's Voice Memos


Voice Memos — Apple's iPhone development people probably figured adding voice memo recording in a native app in OS 3.0 would make the iPhone seem more corporate. That's only a guess, but if I'm right, I suspect Voice Memos won't be a big hit around the water cooler. I would take Griffin's iTalk, QuickVoice PRO Recorder, Voxie Recorder or JMDictate-Professional Dictation ahead of Voice Memos.

Voice Memos is like a boring novel with a fancy cover (it's good looking). You can record, playback, trim clips and share by email your voice recording. Oh yeah, you can also give it a label by picking one from a list.

"It does the job and besides, I didn't pay extra for it," I can hear you reply. You don't have to pay for at least one of other apps I just mentioned either... and the rest, well they're worth the extra coin.

iTalk Recorder (AppStore Link)
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iTalk Recorder
Developer: Griffin Technology
Price: free Download on the App Store

Griffin's  iTalk, at least the ad-supported version, is free. Don't worry, the ads aren't in your face.You can record your audio at normal (8kHz), medium (11kHz), high (22kHz) and CD quality (44kHz). Then, you can use iTalk Sync, a free download, to drag and drop your recordings to your desktop over a Wi-Fi connection. It’s available for the Mac OS and Windows PCs.

QuickVoice2Text Email (PRO Recorder) (AppStore Link)
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QuickVoice2Text Email (PRO Recorder)
Developer: nFinity Inc
Price: $2.99 Download on the App Store

There's also QuickVoice PRO Recorder, which is only $0.99. Add here the ability to transfer files via iTunes, Wi-Fi or email. QuickVoice PRO Recorder works best in conjunction with its free desktop app. Importing a voice recording from QuickVoice for iPhone to the desktop app is easy: Launch QuickVoice, select “Import” under the “File” menu and the rest is taken care of.

Voxie Pro Recorder (AppStore Link)
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Voxie Pro Recorder
Developer: Bottle Rocket
Price: $4.99 Download on the App Store

Voxie Pro Recorder, is a voice recorder and dictation app for the iPhone and iPod touch with features such as Wi-Fi syncing with your desktop, audio file emailing and texting, audio-quality settings, customizable categories and audio file sizes limited only by the amount of available storage space.Other features include an express mode that is activated by shaking the iPhone, wallpapers, icons to flag recordings, the ability to send quick notes to a list of friends and family and to your contacts in the Contacts native app.

Dictate + Connect (Dictamus) (AppStore Link)
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Dictate + Connect (Dictamus)
Developer: JOTOMI GmbH
Price: $16.99 Download on the App Store

With JMDictate-Professional Dictation you have a good variety of options if you would like to transfer your recordings to your desktop and manage them. JMDictate handles email, iDisk MobileMe, WebDAV and FTP. You’ll also find on the Settings screen a switch to automatically activate voice recording and a field where you can enter your initials. JMDictate-Professional Dictation is $7.99;  which is pricey compared to most audio recording apps in the App Store but if you often record audio, you shouldn’t find the price too hard to swallow.

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  • Pat

    I'd really recommend against QuickVoice PRO Recorder... there's no way to get files above a certain size (~2MB for free, ~20MB for paid) off the device without the desktop product, and that "free" desktop client they promise with sale never actually materializes.

    If your recordings are at all important, there are plenty of other $0.99 options that won't strand your recordings inside the device. (If they're just voice memos to yourself, though, sure, give it a shot.)

  • Marc

    I used to use griffin's italk.
    I just sprung 6 bucks iProReccorder from BIAS, a well-established sound recording company. Features include a virtual jog/shuttle switch for dictation, mail/file transfer capabilities that can synch with professional audio packages is you are recording music in a higher definition and a folder based system for storing and archiving your voice recordings.
    It is the best of the bunch and you should look into it for your readership.


    reading: Four Voice Recording Apps that Fill In for Apple’s Voice Memos (via AppCraver)

  • Ray

    I agree with Marc, I've tried a lot of them and iProRecorder is my favorite. They update it periodically and add new features to it too.

  • visa

    The reason I prefer Voice Memos over the others is because of the ability to trim larger recordings into smaller files. That is critical if you want to transfer large audio recordings on to the computer.

    If I leave the recording on during a lecture, I don't have to worry about the fact that I am building up a really huge file. iTalk is very unreliable for very large files, but doesn't come with the ability to trim the recordings.