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Anyone who enjoys simple but strategic board games should have the foresight to download this game while the price is right. An intelligent mix of tic-tac-toe, connect four and chess, Foursight is an enjoyable board game available for iPhone and iPad. Playing on a board comprised of a 4 x 4 grid, your objective is to get three or four same colored chips in a row while preventing your opponent from getting the same.

Though Foursight has simple rules, it takes awhile to master. The strategy is rooted in having to play all four of your own chips as well as four of your opponents. To play a chip, a white “foundation” chip must be played in the square first. Each player is given eight white chips, four player chips and four opponent chips. If you can get four of your own color in a row it’s an automatic win, but it’s not as easy as it seems.

Foursight currently has only a single player versus computer mode with three difficulty settings. A future update is in the works to accommodate a two-player mode (hopefully with online hosting abilities), but learning the game against a CPU player is the best way to start. There are numerous strategies that can be developed and executed and by adjusting the difficulty level, you can gain experiencing and learn which ones are the most effective.

Players can choose to be defensive in their chip placement, or offensive for early scoring. If you can get three in a row, you score one point with a maximum potential of three, but you must also prevent the opposing player from catching up. Four in a row trumps three in a row and is an automatic win. Though Foursight strategy does require planning moves at least one turn in advance, unlike chess, the pieces can’t be moved. So a chip laid is a chip played – unless you can tap the “undo” button quickly.

In the realm of strategic board games, it’s easy to spot a simple but challenging game. Foursight is both entertaining and intelligent. With such a limited number of squares and simple objectives, it’s both easy and thought provoking. The single player game against the computer is fun enough to engage players for a good length of time and the addition of a two-player mode will only enhance Foursight’s appeal. It automatically saves any game in play if you close the app and will resume next launch. Foursight is priced right at just .99 for both the iPhone and the iPad versions. If you enjoy a quick, simple, but smart strategy board game, then have the foresight to get it now.

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