Free Wi-Fi is Back from AT&T


free wi-fi attSome iPhone users may remember the premature announcement several months ago about AT&T offering free wi-fi to all iPhone customers at any Starbucks location. Well, this time it's true. And, the free hot-spots aren't limited to the ubiquitous java joints either.

According to AT&T's web site iPhone users can hop on the 'net at "Thousands of AT&T Wi-Fi hotspot locations nationwide: Airports, Hotels, Universities, Convention Centers, Sports Centers, Starbucks locations, Restaurants, Bookstores, Supermarkets."

Text messages will be going out to customers to alert them to the new service, but you don't need to wait. Go here to find a hot-spot near you. And let us know if it works for you.

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  • MaxxineStamos

    I herd about this but it didnt wurk. Has any1 used it yet?

  • Roxy22

    This is a good idea Isn't WiFi free anyway tho???