FriendFreak is not a Good Friend or Quiz Game

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friendfreak iphone app, take quizzes about your friendsWhen I first picked up the iPhone to play FriendFreak, I wondered if I would be stumped. How well do I know my friends? One thing is certain, I know them better than FriendFreak does.

To play FriendFreak from TopDownApps, you are first prompted to sign into your Facebook account. You choose a category such as books, music or interests and match the description with your friends’ photos. For example, in the television category, which one of your friends likes to watch Dexter? Drag and drop a friend's picture to make your guess.

Warning: FriendFreak has a serious functional issue. Though I have a whopping 64 friends on Facebook, only the same 16 friends showed up on the quizzes. The other 48 friends were nowhere to be found. In some of the categories, FriendFreak told me I did not have enough friends who had filled out that particular field on Facebook. I signed into Facebook online, and verified that FriendFreak was incorrect. Even the “Name” category, which obviously all of my friends have, resulted in the same 16 friends over and over again. This problem is frustrating and limits FriendFreak's functionality.

Even if all of my friends’ information was accessed by FriendFreak, I would still question the efficacy of this game. While Facebook has a voyeuristic feel, it is still interactive in nature. In contrast, FriendFreak is a solitary game. How well do I know my friends? Not very well if all I do is stay at home by myself and take quizzes on their lives.

Facebook gives you plenty of opportunities to get to know your friends better. FriendFreak, even if it worked correctly, will add no perks to either your online or offline social life.

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This app is not currently available in the App Store.

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  • Adam Huda


    The functional issue you mention is definitely a bug. It does not happen often. If you logout and login to FriendFreak again, the issue should go away. Mind giving it another try?

    The point of FriendFreak is to fill a couple minutes of your day with knowledge of your friends while your on the go. I imagined people playing this on a bus, or waiting in a lobby. Whenever they have idle minutes to spare.

    From playing FriendFreak, I have actually discovered many tidbits about my friends that I didn't know otherwise.

    Think of FriendFreak as a little way to fill a few minutes of your day while your living your life. If we did our job right, when you meet your friends for a drink after work, you'll have discovered that you have another shared interest.

    -- Adam
    Think Top Down