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Developer: Yinon Yamin
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frogiz iphoneIt's always refreshing to find a good puzzle game burried in the App Store that is both unique and fun to play. Frogiz may not be on your radar, but if you enjoy puzzles it's worth a look. Similar to Fling!, but with its own unique objective and more layered, Frogiz features a 5 x 5 grid with pink and green frogs and round and square lillypads. The objective is to clear the grid by manipulating the frogs and lillypads in accordance to the game rules.

Frogiz is a truly whimsical logic puzzle game. It's premise is simple, but the puzzles are increasingly difficult to reason out.

If you get stuck, tap the undo button in the bottom right screen to undo the last move or tap and hold the undo button to restart the level. Each level is accompanied by relaxing background music that is soothing to your brain as it works. The colorful cartoon graphics are also pleasant as are a few of the sound effects thrown in for added effect.

The rules are simple. Bring any two frogs or two lilly pads together in the same square by tapping first one, then the other and they disappear. The catch is, they can only be matched up by color or shape. Once a frog is on a lilly pad, it can't jump to the other shape either, so think your moves through, but do it quick to score the time bonus. After the first ten rounds, you'll pick up three hints to use in each future level, which you may need sooner than you think.

All in all, Frogiz is a solid logic puzzle that gets points for being easy to interface with, challenging enough to remain interesting, but not increasingly frustrating. It supports OpenFeint, auto saves, and even has a mode to create your own puzzles. It's quite a bit of puzzle bang for a buck.

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