Frozen Treats Extreme Helps Beat the Heat

Frozen Treats eXtreme - Super Dessert Food Maker Game (AppStore Link)
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Frozen Treats eXtreme - Super Dessert Food Maker Game
Developer: Ashley Dawson
Price: free Download on the App Store

frozen treats extreme on the app storeIf the heat is getting to your kids then checking out Frozen Treats Extreme might just be what the doctor ordered. From ice cream sandwiches to ice cream cones dipped in your choice of flavor, this app has it all and is sure to take care of the summer time blues with plenty of customizable treats for extended gameplay.

Frozen Treats Extreme opens in a cute little ice cream shop-themed store with five different treats to choose from, including ice cream cones, ice cream sandwiches, ice cream sundaes, ice pops and snow cones. The app falls within the maker genre with the end goal of unleashing your creativity to create the tastiest treat your mind can imagine.

Each activity in Frozen Treats Extreme takes you through several steps to create the perfect treat such as creating a cute bear or crown mold for your ice pop or mixing the ingredients for your ice cream sandwich. The app will naturally lead the player through each step by having them tilt the device to pour ingredients, use their finger to mix ingredients or swipe to select extras like sprinkles.

One of the best features about the app is that it that every treat is customizable so it helps the player use their imagination to create one of probably hundreds of combinations. This is perfect for the player who is just starting to explore their creative side. And since there are five different treats to choose from with tons of flavors, extras and bonus items to decorate with … the possibilities are endless and will keep the player engaged throughout gameplay.

Frozen Treats Extreme is available for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. For younger players, the iPad and or iPad Mini will definitely be a great option for small fingers while the smaller devices will be just fine for older ages.

Available as a free download, Frozen Treats Extreme is a welcomed addition to the maker style games and will keep all those players with a sweet tooth satisfied for days to come.

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