Future-Text Functions as a Text Messaging Scheduler

This app is not currently available in the App Store.

Future-TextIn a busy, but mobile world the ability to schedule text messages to be sent at future dates and times is a beneficial one. Whether you are a busy parent who wants to remind family members of weekly activities, errands or engagements or you are a small or independent business owner who communicates with employees via text, there are numerous possibilities that would make a scheduled text messaging app useful. Future-Text by Rocket Apps is an app that lets users pre-program (or pre-compose) text messages to be sent at a later date. While the concept of scheduling text messages is appealing, seems it is a difficult one for developers to implement.

Future-Text is one of a few text/SMS schedulers available in the App Store. The general idea may be misleading to those who want to write the message, schedule it and forget it. Like its competitors, Future-Text will allow users to create a draft of a message and then schedule a reminder for the message to be sent. The reminder to send the message pops up on your screen and then takes you to the messaging application where you have the option to send or cancel. One could argue that Future-Text is merely a scheduled reminder app, which are a dime a dozen in the App Store. However, the one advantage of apps like Future-Text over a simple reminder is the ability to have the message already drafted and ready to send.

Future-Text users will have to register an account, providing simply an email address and creating a password. Accounts can be accessed via the mobile app and the web-based reminder server future-text.com and the two sync automatically. Upon launch, the mobile app had some flaws that prevented syncing both directions, but an update appears to have corrected the situation and now its possible to draft messages from the computer or iPhone.

Providing users can easily draft messages from both their computer and their phone, Future-Text has its uses. Messages that are drafted and successfully scheduled are saved and a reminder pops up at the selected time (even in sleep mode) for message delivery. The inconvenience stems from whether you are actually available to receive the reminder message and send the draft. However, it's a fairly quick process and the composition work is already done.

Despite the instability of Future-Text and its initial inability to save drafts created on iPhone, it possess the potential to perform as a decent scheduled text messaging reminder and may be worth the minimal investment for some users. There are two versions – one free, one paid – but it is the paid version that provides the most flexibility, such as repeating and delay options. If you previously tried Future-Text and were put off by the instability and crash issue, you should be pleased to know that it appears to have been resolved and that the app now functions as a reliable text messaging scheduler.

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This app is not currently available in the App Store.

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  • http://forgotiphonepassword.com RickBC

    I love this app. Back in the day I relied on future voicemail to make my boss think that I was at work when I wasn't, lol. This is almost as good unless he replies back and wants an answer.

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    Coming soon...Future Scheduler app for iphone this will not only help you in scheduling text messages but also have features like scheduling emails, status updates and phone calls.