Gab To Go: More Talk Makes for a More Festive Occasion

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gab to go iphoneRight Brain Factory believes its new Gab to Go will help your family savor the holidays, which can be quite a feat for some.

You know how it is: Everyone in the family can't wait for the holidays. Uncle Jim and Aunt Janice fly in from Milwaukee. Cousin Gunther and Polly his new wife (she's his fourth and 20 years younger than he is) drive over from Reno. Dad heads downstate to pick up Grandpa Max and Granny Sally. Boy, isn't it just a hoo-hah load of fun when we all get together?

What really happens is that within a few hours everyone is glad holidays come only once a year. There's been a flurry of innuendos, a few casually tossed snide remarks, several imagined slights. Everyone keeps looking at their watches. Sigh, what to do?

That's where Gab to Go comes in. The app, which is a digital version of the Gab to Go travel game, comprises 200 questions that are intended to stimulate conversion and get the party started. The questions are random and cover a wide range of topics. There are no rules and no right or wrong answers. If a question doesn't apply, tap the Next button and move along. The point is to have fun, laughs and festive conversation.

Instead of wanting to snap weird Uncle Ted's neck like a chicken's for telling the same tired old joke twice in one evening, the family can sit around the fireplace and yuk it up answering questions from Gab to Go.

I think kids probably would have more fun with Gab To Go than adults. Many questions seemed geared that way. The game's developer's made a special point of keeping Gab to Go "family friendly" so that everyone could participate together.

Gab To Go works as advertised. You couldn't make a game any simpler than this one. You can play it almost any time and place — a car trip or a plane ride — and not only on holidays.

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This app is not currently available in the App Store.

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