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Galaga REMIX
Developer: BANDAI NAMCO Games America Inc.
Price: $2.99 Download on the App Store

galaga-remix-iPhone appGalaga Remix from Namco brings the arcade classic to the iPhone along with a polished, touch-screen friendly newer version that is just as much fun. All the key elements of Galaga are there — blasting away at enemies while saving your spaceship from destruction.

If you opt to play the original Galaga, the game is configured to be played vertically to match the screen format of the original Galaga. There are three options for controlling the spaceship; tapping two virtual left and right buttons, a sliding bar (my preferred method), or the accelerometer.

The buttons in Galaga were a bit tiny and made it challenging to change directions quickly when trying to avoid an alien ship. The accelerometer worked ok, but you nearly had to tilt the phone at a 90 degree angle in order to move as quickly as is necessary sometimes. I found the best option to be the slider bar. It was pretty easy to slide with your thumb and then tap the firing button with the thumb on your other hand.

But as fun as the retro version was, I enjoyed most the Galaga Remix option. This game is configured horizontally, which makes it easier to hold the iPhone and work the controls. The graphics are also stepped up from the original Galaga. Pacing is pretty good, with the early rounds fairly easy but increasing in difficulty as you progress through. Then there are giant insect bosses after every few rounds to test your space combat skill.

The settings menu in Galaga Remix adds some additional functionality, such as choosing how many lives you want available or amping up the difficulty. There is also a free play mode for just blasting away during a round of your choosing. High scores are saved for keeping track of your progress or showing off to friends.

Galaga Remix is an excellent time-killer and worthy of being on your iPhone/iPod touch if you are either a fan of the original or just looking for another quality arcade hit to add to your collection. There is a Lite version of Galaga Remix available for those who want to give it a try before buying at the App Store.

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