Gazette Is Fuctional, Streamlined and Works as Advertised


gazette rss iphoneMateusz Rajca's Gazette works exactly as advertised: Gazette is a simple to use, RSS reader that seamlessly syncs to your Google Reader account. It takes only seconds to set up.

Gazette connects to your folders in your Google Reader account and it doesn't matter how many feeds you're subscribed to.

Some App Store reviewers have complained the syncing is slow, but I was able to subscribe to 13 feeds containing 120 items in less than a minute. Others have complained that Gazette is buggy and crashes. I didn't encounter any problems so I have no complaints in that regard.

You can easily star articles that you'd like to read later simply by tapping the star icon next to each article. You can also share the article with friends and colleagues through Google Reader or via your email.

If you read and star articles offline, when you're back in range of a network, Gazette will push the articles to your Google Reader account.

Gazette's interface is streamlined, the app is functional, easy to use and does exactly what the developer says it does at a reasonable price. It doesn't get any better than that.

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  • kkstern

    Now I can get my news and my favorite blog articles every morning. I'm ecstatic!

  • Dynamorgan

    This will make my morning convenient. Checking news from bed will be heavenly

  • SeanBMW2001

    Finally, a useful application

  • Counting Minutes

    Gotta love the apps that make life more Ziibii too - new app with a great user it for Facebook, Twitter, email, etc.