GeoEmpires is a Location-Based Game for Conquering Real Territories

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GeoEmpires location-based gaming for iPhone

Take over your local kingdom in GeoEmpires for iPhone.

GeoEmpiresis a part of a new wave of games for iOS devices that incorporate the user’s location into the gaming experience. These location-based games are becoming the new fad for iOS gaming and provide a unique and entertaining experience for users looking for more than just a game.

GeoEmpires is similar to the previously reviewed app CityKing, in that it allows users to take over territories within their own city by incorporating game play with Google maps.

The premise of GeoEmpires is simple. The user is transported back to the middle ages and must conquer pieces of land, which correspond to real places within the user’s city, and build a kingdom.

The user’s city is cut into squares that span a few blocks and each square comprises a piece of territory that the ‘Lord’ may take over. Once taken over, GeoEmpires allows the user to build walls and a defense system to protect against invaders. The game gives the user virtual money that can be used to build a kingdom. The gamer must also travel into other user’s territory to collect more virtual money. 

GeoEmpires reminds me of an updated version of the board game Risk, where the players must acquire pieces of land and then begin to invade and take over until one person has acquired every territory. The difference being with GeoEmpires no one can acquire all of the land because of the sheer volume of locations to be taken over.

The game can be complicated for novice gamers, like myself, but there is no need to worry, because GeoEmpires contains a tutorial that walks users through the game play. I am not much of a gamer, but was able to figure the system out after a couple of uses.

GeoEmpires also allows the user to connect through Facebook in order to interact with friends who may also be playing the game. GeoEmpires is a game that benefits from having many other users and friends playing along. The only issue I noticed with the game is that there are not a lot of players at this point, so many of the territories are empty and there are not many people to interact with. But on the bright side, if you start now you can build your kingdom with relative ease and stake your claim before the flood of new users arrive.

The concept to GeoEmpires is interesting and would be an enjoyable app for anyone looking to try a new location-based gaming experience.

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