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GeoTagr ~ Versatile photo geotagging
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geologtag iphone appGeoLog Tag – If you’re a photo enthusiast or pro shooter, how many times have you taken photos with your digital camera and later needed to know precisely where you were when you tripped the shutter?

GeoLogTag, from Galarina, is a 3G app that will log your location during a photo session and then make it possible for you to tag your images with your locations.

Here’s a quick look at some pieces of what GeoLogTag is all about:

Step one is to make sure the clocks your iPhone 3G and digital camera are in synch. Launch GeoLogTag and turn it on, using the app’s on/off switch. The app will begin logging your location. Leaving GeoLogTag open, take your pictures. At the end of your photo shoot, slide the on/off switch to off. Each on-to-off  step counts as a location (you can have multiple locations).

Okay, you have all this geologging stuff going on in your iPhone and batches of photos in your digital camera, now what? You need a way to put them together and that’s done on your Mac or PC.

First, you have to get your GPS data from GeoLogTag into your Mac or PC.

The data is sent as GPX (GPS Exchange Format), an XML data format for exchanging GPS data (waypoints, routes, and tracks) between applications and Web services on the Internet.

To do that, tap the GPX icon in the upper left corner and GeoLogTag will generate files (with longitude and latitude). The files are accessible from a Web browser by entering your iPhone or iPod touch Bonjour or IP and port or address. That’s your primary option if you have a PC. A slight warning: the GPX data isn’t stored on the app, so it goes poof when you shut down GeoLogTag.

You can also move your photos over to a folder on a file-sharing Mac or upload them to your Flickr account, assuming you want to geotag photos in your  account.

The geotag magic happens when you tap the GeoTag icon. The data will synch with your photos and tag them. The speed that happens is determined by the size of the photos, whether you’re using a Mac (with a shared folder) or PC and other factors. Regardless, it all must happen on a Wi-Fi network.

GeoLogTag is far more simple to use than it is to explain. If you’re a photo enthusiast or pro, you probably know more about this stuff than I do.

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  • Chris

    As the developer of GeoLogTag I would like to clarify some statements in the review.

    "Each on-to-off step counts as a location"
    This is not correct. Your location is continuously logged during a log session. So, multiple locations are logged between turning logging on and off.

    "the GPX data isn’t stored on the app, so it goes poof when you shut down GeoLogTag"
    All logged locations are kept for 90 days. So nothing goes 'poof' when you shut down the app.

    More info about GeoLogTag is available here.

  • Michael Alexander

    A location is delineated when you turn the app on and ends when you turn it off. I think we're saying the same thing but I can see how some readers might misunderstand. Thanks for clearing that up.

    I also must have misunderstood the dialog screen in your app that indicates: "If you quit GeoLogTag," the GPX files are no longer available." I did not see anything to indicate the logged locations are kept for 90 days.

  • Chris

    The message "If you quit GeoLogTag, the GPX files are no longer available" is meant to indicate that it will no longer be possible to download a GPX file from your browser. However, the data used to generate these GPX files is kept. I also understand your confusion now, maybe I should change this message in a future version.
    The info about the 90 days can be found on the GeoLogTag website.

  • 安吉

    [iPhone app] (可以紀錄軌跡並匯出gpx,$4.99)"GeoLogTag Connects Your Photos with Space and Time | AppCraver" ( )

  • Jeffrey

    I tried this but it doesn't work for me. I got all the steps completed but it says that my camera time needs to be synced with my device. There's no way of doing that to the milisecond. IF it's off it's maybe a second off which shouldn't matter.

    The datalogger records data continuously so it should attach the location to a photo taken during that time.. But it doesn't.

    If i'm doing something wrong i'd be stoked to figure out what it is.