GeoTweeter: Where You Are When You're On The Move


geotweeter iphone appGeoTweeter — Confession time: I am obsessed with Twitter. The ability to send all my friends real-time updates about what I'm doing or thinking, combined with the opportunity to hear the intimate thoughts of Fall Out Boy's Pete Wentz or The Office's Rainn Wilson, is just the sort of technology I can really get behind.

GeoTweeter by Schmap, Inc. is one of many Twitter apps that have sprung up in the iTunes app store recently. Although GeoTweeter can be used as a basic tweet-sending app, its primary function is to add location info to your tweets. Using the iPhone's GPS ability, GeoTweeter pinpoints your location and adds a map to your outgoing tweet. However, that's only the beginning.

Once your location is marked on the map, GeoTweeter allows you to add all sorts of other information. You can give your location a name (which also allows you to save the location for future tweets), for one. Additionally, you can choose from dozens of different icons to mark your location on the map, ranging from a simple dot, to various emoticons (are you happy where you are? Angry? Scared?) to all sorts of icons. Show that you're at a library, in a bar, or identify that you're shopping at a favorite shoe store. With GeoTweeter there's a suitable icon for just about everywhere you can possibly be.

Beyond the location map and icon, you can also add a photo to your tweet, so that followers who click the map link in your tweet will be shown a photo. If you're bragging about how you're at the best sports bar ever, you can therefore include not only a map to get there, but a shot of the scene as well. You can also rate your location and add notes, all of which will appear on the link in your tweet.

The downside to GeoTweeter is that it doesn't include all the features of a "normal" Twitter app, so you can't check on your friends' tweets or see who's following you. However, the features GeoTweeter does have make it worth the download, in my opinion. It might not be the way you send every tweet, but I suspect it will certainly come in handy, and you just can't beat the price.

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