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Get Happy ~ ways to increase your happiness
Developer: Lisa Patterson-Kane
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get happyAre you a “New Year, new you” kind of person? Looking for tips and advice to empower personal growth, improve outlook and be happier? In that case, maybe Get Happy, the iPhone app built around principles of psychology, can help. Get Happy is a collection of tips and life advice based on key areas of life – relationships, personal growth, leisure and work/education. Over 200 suggestions are provided in the form of helpful hints and tips to live a fuller, happier life – and since these ideas are based on psychological principles, some of them make a bit of practical sense.

With words of advice like “Be grateful” and “Embrace change” staring you down, it’s hard not to think about the possibilities. Get Happy is basically like having a little life coach in your pocket to encourage you to be a better you. Pretty much every piece of advice offered is straight-forward and fairly light-hearted and inspirational, intending to serve as a guide to happier thinking and happier living. Granted, some of the tips are a bit cliché, but overall, Get Happy is a pretty happy app indeed.

Though all the words of wisdom are accessible for reading, Get Happy users will be presented with a new “tip” each time the app is launched. The inspirational tidbits are organized into the aforementioned life areas but users also have the option of creating a personalized list of life tips by ranking their own satisfaction within each area. An adjustable sliding scale for each of the four areas is available by tapping on “personalised tips” from the main screen. Adjust the scale accordingly and then Get Happy will populate a list of tips based on which area needs the most encouragement.

Other basic features of Get Happy include the ability to mark specific topics as a “favorite” to build a customized library of inspiration, as well as the ability to email various segments of advice to others. The app offers a disclaimer that it is not intended as a substitute for clinical counseling or professional treatment of psychological or psychiatric conditions, but since that should be a given, it’s easy to state that Get Happy is for anybody who needs a little inspiration to carry around with them. It’s a free app, and while not all the tips are unique revelations, it does provide a thoughtful bit of encouragement, accessible whenever needed.

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