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GIF SHOP iPhone AppWe've all seen them. Those images and pictures that look like they are dancing, smiling or doing wacky little gestures and motions.

If you did a quick Internet search you could most likely figure out how to make them, but the GIF SHOP iPhone app wants to make it even easier to create and edit looping animated .gif animations, upload to Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr all while mobile.

And from my first week of testing out the app, it seems fairly easy and useful to me. After setting up a free GIF SHOP account, making an animated .gif is simple and the best part is you can share a link directly to your friends for them to open up and enjoy your creation without having to download.

The GIF SHOP app makes pictures fun in that yes, as an iPhone carrying photo enthusiast you can take as many still as you'd like, but adding a bit of flare in the form of an animated .gif brings you to an entirely new level of photo Nirvana.

I remember back in the day when I was first starting to enter the social world wide web in the form of Myspace. Yes, remember Myspace? Well, everyone had really interesting profiles with animated images all over their profile. I never did figure out how to create them, but they seemed to be very popular.

What GIF SHOP does is takes all the guesswork out of creating an animated .gif and puts all the fun back into being creative. Simply open the app and tap the screen to instantly capture a frame (or image) from your camera. Try capture between five and eight to start, but keep in mind the more you capture the bigger the file and the more unpractical it becomes to create the .gif.

Once you capture them, hit play at any time to preview. At this point, and this is where your creativity should shine through, you can adjust the speed and loop mode as your animation is playing. Make it fast or slow, it's up to you.

The GIF SHOP app is a lot of fun, but more so, it's also a social experiment in that you can create your .gif masterpiece and share on Facebook, Twitter and Tumbler simultaneously as well as generate a short link in the app (since it's hosted on the app's server) and share with your friends via email or SMS.

Its ease-of-use combined with its social sharing options makes the GIF SHOP iPhone app an easy download for those of you looking to take your photo masterpieces up a notch or two.

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