GiftCards Makes Buying Gift Cards Easy but Could Be Risky

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gift cards iphoneGiftCards - It's hard enough to decide what gifts to buy for family and friends without also having to worry about  getting trampled to death or gunfights erupting in toy stores. It's just nuts the way some people behave.

Just thinking about what gifts to buy my wife and kids, aunties and nephews makes me as shaky as a roofer with vertigo. This year, I'm thinking about giving everyone (who deserves it) a gift card.

Giftcards, which accesses the offerings from, couldn't be an any simpler way to do that, but it has flaws. Choose from a long list of brand-name retail outlets, sorted into entertainment, sports and other categories, tap the name of the retailer that interests you most and just say, "Charge it!"

You have few options for you and your money to part ways. You can telephone or drive to the store, using the number or map directions or send an e-card (although not every store accepts them but you find out which ones will or won't in the store description).

On the menu aligned across the bottom of the iPhone's screen are icons for Featured stores, Categories, Top Sellers, Search and Wallet. Tapping on Featured, for example, brings you to a list of stores, tap a store to narrow your search, and you'll come to a screen describing the store's product categories, nearest location, a Buy Now button and a few other bits of info.

The Wallet icon points you to a screen where you can keep track of the gift cards you've purchased, help, terms or service and billing address.

I have a couple of problems with GiftCards. The first is a potential deal breaker. It's not clear what, if any, security measures are in this thing. I suspect a reasonably sophisticated snoop could nab my credit card and billing address if I broadcasted that information over a public Wi-Fi connection. The second is that some merchants require you to present a physical card to purchase a gift card, which means you have to go to the store anyway.

Bottom line, GiftCards seems to work as advertised but it usefulness is limited.

Anyway, as a major procrastinator, I always wait until the last minute to buy gifts, cards or otherwise. So, for me, GiftCards the app could be another way to prolong the procrastination and preserve my own personal holiday tradition.

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This app is not currently available in the App Store.

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