Glee for iPhone and iPad Unites Gleeks the World Over

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Glee Karaoke
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glee iphoneWith a couple of App Store successes—like Ocarina and I am T-Pain—under their belt, Smule has partnered with FOX to unite Gleeks around the world with the new Glee app for iPhone and iPad. A melding of Rock Band style karaoke and auto tune technology, Glee (the app) lets users sing along in the vocal stylings of Glee (the TV show), share their songs and listen to the songs created by other users.

Glee features the ability to record your voice as you sing along to popular tunes (as performed on episodes of Glee of course) and save and share them with friends or other Glee users. With effects like pitch correction and harmony, the results are more impressive, especially for those who have a bit less natural talent. The best part is the global grid that lets users listen to and comment on others’ recordings.

As hugely popular as FOX’s Glee series has become, it’s no wonder Glee is sitting pretty in the top 10 in the App Store after barely a month. But some credit has to be given to the style and design of the app as well. Amateur and closet musicians and vocalists are clambering after simple musical apps that let them create, record and share music and Glee couldn’t be simpler.

There are three songs included with the initial download of Glee – Rehab, Somebody to Love, and You Keep Me Hanging On – and there’s an acappella option as well. Additional songs can be purchased in-app for $0.99 and include songs performed on episodes of Glee like Defying Gravity, Hate On Me, Gold Digger and Like a Virgin (recent Madonna episode). And new songs are being added with regularity to keep the love alive. Future updates also hint at the ability be able to sing along with your own iTunes downloads.

The purchase price of Glee dropped significantly since release – from $2.99 to just $0.99, a factor that is likely to keep the Glee App in the top 25 for some time to come. Additionally, the compability with 1st Generation 2G iPhones initially unavailable is likely to boost sales.

If you are fan of the series or simply enjoy singing, the Glee app is a fun way to sing and be heard, as well as enjoy the attempts of others. Don’t worry if you can’t sing, Glee makes it fun to try and no one has to hear if you don’t want them to.

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